28 April 2009

Motivational Bases and Ninja Moves

Video Game Collector
Hexstatic : Ninjatune

"The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games."
-Eugene Jarvis

New-school goin' Old-school!
You just gotta love the amalgamation of games in these tunes from the UK duo of Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson - such an awesome spectrum for the eyes and ears. Now (hear) here are two things definitely occupying my time these days .. fixing old-2-new while listening new-2-old. Playing digital vinyl and soldering circuits, putting a groove on in the garcade. Restoring my 1980 one game at-a-time and getting back my mojo in 2010 - all full circles and completed levels. I will never grow old because I retain things from my youth to keep my heart young. I will always play music, always have a passion to be 'mr-fix-it', and I will always enjoy a game. Electronic chemistry and quantum biology .. scope your solid states true and shoot for the Hi Score! Qualify this first blog for my Quarter Byte arcade (also a bridge from my music blog - more of my junk writing past (passed?) about the music game). I actually work my days trying to love my work - I (still retro) service and consult Apple computers in Denver. It's not too difficult. ;-)
Life really is a game .. play! Sounds good to me - game on!

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