22 November 2009

Video Games 101

(videos deleted by ™copyright)

 It would appear that the youbube efforts of our English friend who laboriously recorded and uploaded a great bit of documentary information on the evolution of the video game have been sacked by the authorities. I'm sorry about that, guess you'll have to buy the BBC DVD to watch all the great interviews with all the gaming heavies. I'll work on getting a version of my own '101' explanation in the meantime.

[one rat-tart later]

 My short version: it started with the Moon. Kennedy said go so The machines started humming buck rogers dollars. Those engineers played pong on oscilloscopes in the rare US labs in the late hours. Some genius wondered how one of those solid state computers could be paid off @ 25¢ a whack. The Computer Space hucksters turned PONG on the pinball world and the rest is history: 2 Atari employees named Steve turned the pong sideways and proceeded to Breakout of the garage and into the home computer pome. Japanese gamer then plays the vertical pong game and wants the bricks to breakout something HGWells’ish. Space invaded, the arcades take all the Yen out of the system as a revolution gains solid stated place in 1980 time - a billion dollar industry is born.

There was indeed a time when Vector Games ruled the planet!