08 May 2010


Missions accomplished!

Wow - that was a trip: 3323 miles in 10 days and all success (and then some)!

√ Mission 1: visit family and friends.

√ Mission 2: safe transport of a Chicago Coin Apollo 14 to the collection here in Denver. Negotiated through the KLOV forums during 2009 with Joe in Bay City, Michigan... it was time to move.

√ Mission 3: It’s time to really meet some people I’ve become good friends with through the online channels; chats = :-) sub-mission-insider collector deals:

√ < Mission 3A: safe transport of an Atari Tank from Denver to a collector near Detroit, Michigan. Alan at his Tranquility Base Arcade has a steak dinner and a Berzerk game waiting (special to a greater story behind his particular Stern and some shared -frenzied online- repairs). √ < Mission 3B: safe transport of an Atari Battlezone from Denver to another great collector in Michigan. Shane had asked me about this game in 2009 through our good meetings on the CoinOpSpace chats. I seized a good deal out here for him for a nice case of beer. :-) √ < Mission 3C: must meet this audiomidiman, Bill Jr. in Detroit :) We had become friends through KLOV and CoinOpSpace and we shared a lot of Apple and game-related chats. Bill is a seriously detailed restoration man and genuinely into this awesome hobby. √ < Mission 3D: definitely must get some dimension on the literal object, an Atari Destroyer. I certainly must say this is one nicer, longer story --I’ll devote that one to the game post. Outstanding SizzlerJoe in Michigan had this game too (wouldntyaknow) as he sold me the Apollo 14. √ Mission 4: A long-awaited cargo trailer (game hauler) was finally chosen and ordered (just in time). Saving the shipment to Denver, I decided to pick up the Featherlite (conveniently) en route in Iowa and start using it immediately. >>> Modus operandi: the loop is made, what else can I fit in here to maximize my efforts?

√ Mission 5: eBay find and negotiated email sale from a nice Wisconsin collector named Kirk, a Gottlieb Haunted House. Cooool.... ...serious cool he also has an Atari Space Duel for sale.

√ Mission 6: Modus operandi: chance chat on CoinOpSpace put me in touch with Chris one evening just weeks from my scheduled departure. Gaming bliss: an Atari Star Wars cockpit, 25” Amplifone version ... (as if the Apollo 14 grail isn’t mind-blowing enough)!
.... “The Force is strong with this one” ....

√ Friendship 7: Modus operandi: open enough itinerary for changes (as antiques happen)
>route could run me through elsewhere and the opportunity for another odd rare game.
>possible run through Oklahoma and stay with more family before heading home.
>wing all hotel arrangements outside family stays; I drive for hours on too loose a schedule.

√ Mission 8: Have fun, meet people, see the sights, relax, and always safety first.