22 February 2011

Working back

Shining games

Hi Friends/

I like meanings - double-up metaphoric if possible. So my back has been working, getting the gems all shuffled around out of the darkness of storage ... shining up the Rip Cord. It takes a lot of back to move these video games and pinballs. I say it’s a definite advantage in this hobby - you always have to be there with the money and you literally have to move the 700lb thing (all notwithstanding the space to place it when you return). At some point you want to stop looking at dark game projects mixed with the clean players. My humble little home sanctuary needed some flashy light - time to haul out the collecting projects in the nice space and seriously place some working bright keepers. Time to put my favorite 4 pins and 2 vids together and make my elite retirement space next to my favorite restored bathroom. Ahhh .... ....
More on the backbreaking in a later post - now more to the working back.

Family tragedy with cancer is all I want to say about 2010. I might someday get to that bitter long post. I dedicate everything I do to my father. Rest in Peace, Jim.

I jumped on a Revenge From Mars game sometime early 2011 for inspiration. It was nice to easy tweak clean something newer in the house to actually play for a change. I needed a ‘new’ project and the release - something to bring me back into my interests in living. It worked well. Pinball 2000, a concept this video-head fit perfectly into his love of standing in front of a good game. Just some Novus 2 and some nominal checks, my fuel for playing it filled my tanks every night when it beamed the Big-O skill shots off my frustration. Thank you George Gomez for such a wonderful creation. It’s a shame Williams ended and didn’t follow-thru properly with this concept and design. To all you pin purists ... I dare you to a sweet game of honest pinball here. If you think it isn’t a ‘real’ pinball, you’re right. It’s Pinball 2000! Shut up and play!

So let me conclude the working back to filling in the gaps. I have a ton of notes, scattered bits on different computers, and dated pictures to start organizing and putting in place (just like the games). Much-needed inventory information and log books are essential to the next phase of this anyway, so expect to see some ‘new’ posts that are ‘old’. All good. Just like the games ...all about catching up isn’t it? Since 2006 my goal has been to get the games; been too busy doing that to make posts about them. Are you kidding ...I’m always done refurbishing a control panel most evenings before I even think about a camera! I do my best to document the process, but tedium always takes second-seat to just playing the game first!

OK .. back to working...
Be Well.