01 March 2011

It takes a Knight to find a grail


Games like this don’t come up often enough for you to let pass by without such as a look. My gut always knows from the moment I see a listing whether I see that game in my shop or I let it go. Well, if my first pinball wouldn’t have been a Firepower, it most certainly would have been a Black Knight. The same gut thing happens when I actually get to the game to look it over: I get this feeling of ‘save me’ from the game. It speaks to me and actually says, please take me away from this place and take care of me like I should be. I love this feeling as I cruise home with the vintage save every time --tranquil pastures and tender care all ahead.

A pinball can actually be the worst enemy of a pinball game. Rubber and steel make easy dust after that ball is tossed around awhile and it gets all pitted. Goes without saying that occasional removal of the glass for some play field cleaning is part of the enjoyment factor. Now I can stand to see stupid abuse, but it always pains me to see neglect. Poor BK, dealt with its own scratchy balls for too long! I bit my lip trying not to say “would it have been so hard to wipe it down once or replace the ball 10 years ago?!” Man-o-man ....(this back glass is MiNtY)! FAST cash out happydeal.in the truck.gone!

Can I just say how much better it looked then in my garage next to the Firepower!


Ah haha hah hah hah!