30 July 2011

ChiLlaXin in SeAttLe

7 states - 2740 miles - 10 days - 18mpg - 3 games

Oh man - the Tundra has a new K&N intake system and a new 3” exhaust pipe with a Magnaflow installed. It not only eats the pavement it purrs pretty about it now and rumbles 4.7L V8 like it should. I had just busted a roadtrip across 110º Kansas 2 weeks prior with it and finished out my Yohama tires. Moving games with trailer and so many trips to Oklahoma in 2010 .. it spanked me one day after Kansas with ‘nope.. my battery is dead.’ I took it as a sign to get those long-awaited upgrades I wanted. 4 Michelins, tuff Interstate battery, pipes/intake - time for the precious game-hauler to get my attentions and time. Respect ... Mr, new good Michelin tires are like a flipper rebuild: brand new again!

So nice to ‘just do it’ and get up to Seattle and my good friend Craig. Sometime 2008 when he was stoked by my game passions he decided to find a fave pin. He located a beauty EM Sinbad in Spokane and somehow got it back to his place. Restoration long and limited space unfortunately kept this pin in his garage eventually. I traded him my Danelectro for it (I already have too many guitars, and he can gig with it), great appreciation for the fact that he found not only a sweet pin but the better and rarer EM version. So that was the 2nd reason to get up there - pick up the pin. Might as well put some more game in my available truck bed. ; )
Thanks to an email from a cool dude in Coeur D’Alene, ID, I filled that space. Somehow now the rare stupid Universal ‘Cosmic Series’ row will begin .. this makes 2. Right on, hey, you know, I might even have some more room for ‘that pin’ in Ogden.

Fast forward to the last shuttle, Atlantis, orbiting the earth. Picture a man intent on the NASA channel late night Houston ops, monitoring (hovering again oogling calling me back listing can’t forget seeing it incredible wow) ‘that pin’ on his ebay page. Call me NASA sentimental .. it was too good to forget. I can pick it up in Utah on the way back with the 2 games loaded in WA. Sweet giddy game ... there’s soon to be an Orbitor 1 in the collection!
OK .. gotta go gotta go!

So then planned for packin and rollin, a week with good friend and chillaxin like the prescription called for, perfect. Thanks for the recharged batteries, Craig! Loaded and smooth, an awesome drive all-in-all. It’s good to again be back bringing games home in this Toyota. I love the open road ... so easy to zone-out listening to my iPod and just drive 1000 miles/day watching countryside. “When you don’t know where you’re goin’, any road will take you there.”

Time enough too to head over and see the Grand Coulee Dam and some pretty NW places, eating local Washington apples listenin’ to Guthrie.


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