14 August 2011

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So a couple of 1970s NASA engineers got some cool pinball ideas back in the day. They brought the concept to Gary Stern who in turn let Joe Joos Jr. make it real. It was definitely cool enough to make 889 of them.

Real cool: two rotating target bumpers sunk into a smooth, curvy-molded Plexiglas table. This all over a lit moonscape just underneath. Otherworldly, floaty, the ball takes no straight shots but careens in a gravity grid around the rotating bumpers. The molded double back glass is pretty sweet too. All this with total 80s chirps and beeps as you drop targets all sides and seek the locked ball and the time-on-ball bonus points. You learn to flip only one left or right as the ball swims behind front to have the game ask with its cylon voice, “Play, Pinball, Again.”

Freaky friggin cool ... you are utterly engrossed in the ball and its movements. It’s an unbelievable pin that just has to be experienced. Definitely more than a novelty .. true grit on the table always real-time.
This was Stern’s last pinball for a very long time.

Art Myers wrote a great article on the history of this game.


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