12 July 2012

booJ aG ooG ooG ... toboR, I

Get in the Grid

It goes without saying sometimes. Urges to sink into it and let yourself go are always present. In the moments we get caught up in thinking about future things, we quite handily elude ourselves from being in the present. Gifts of reality and being become waste to time and senses dulled. Wherever you are, you are here.

I recently brought 2 amazing cabinets into the fold when wreaking some Havoc with my good Hawaiian friend. I'm super stoked to have these games. Late-generation Atari making good on where video gaming was heading. The cabinet style alone is an awesome step in evolution. Only a minimum of these games were produced as the arcades began dying out and the home cartridge put people on the couch.

The Naked Robot

So I have to make a roundabout story when explaining the significance of this post. A few weeks ago I soaked up some awesome audiophile setup with a good friend. We decided to steep our ears in an uncompressed perfect listen to the album, I, Robot by the Alan Parsons Project. I have been obsessed with this tune since that evening. I'm not sure if it was the literal games just coming in or the fact that this night my friend just pulled the album out of the random to impress my ears with bliss. Regardless, by the time I found the nice video with the apropos Japanese animation, I had the CD here to listen to through my Apple tree. I queue it up and I think about how I love to collect this vintage technology. Trust me, years from now when they look back on the origins, you'll see big, wooden games with art and innovation doing only one thing .. entertaining your brain with a simple game. Literally, we were standing up and associating with these newfound computers doing real-time visual things in COLOR! Blossoming Solid State circuitry and the Integrated Chip were transforming into true Processing and doing. Most importantly we were now i N t e R a C t i n G with it all. Like the rise of the desktop computers, our lives were merging the screened opiate into the world of one-on-one play. Starting with a simple tennis match on an oscilloscope we soon found ourselves touching virtual, video worlds through a start button. Joysticks, knobs, and balls we begin to fly through the scenarios, pitting 1-to-1 action with a ... program.

Sark would be proud. Hard to find the Trons or Flynns in this video game preservation. Commodities are continually battering the history --the wood is still getting chucked into the landfill. Gratefully, we have a dedicated group of people who continually offer their best skills and space to keep these things alive and thriving safely stored for the future. Kudos to U bros ... you're all my heros in this hobby.

Future Tense..
Perhaps in the mix here is the generation of a logo for this venture :/
Playful thought and timing decided the Quarter Byte logo you see: the marquees were staring right at my face with the idea!

You are an unhappy Interface Robot (#1984) in rebellion against "Big Brother" and his EVIL EYES. The evil eye dictates the law. The evil eye will kill you if it sees you breaking the law. Your mission is to destroy the evil eye.