01 June 2020

STTNG $4900 (SOLD)


July 2012  - barcade business plans pizza place game museum investing...

Wolf Man

email (from a rare operator warehouse)
"I have Pins coming"
<Star Trek NG .. how much?>
Clean and working 100%.
Paid a premium on all these Pins. 
Paid more an I usually sell Pins for because of condition."
Attack From Mars.  
Twilight Zone.
Star Trek NG. 
World Cup. 
Big Hurt.
Tales Arabian Nights.
Junk Yard 
South Park.
Starwars EP1
South Park.

This becomes a bulk purchase for me out of this warehouse haul of his. He brings all machines back and stores them, selling them out in previous deals and fast to Denver locals. He loves the road and has many many contacts around the country since 1974. A good man and friends to me through many transactions/video game hauls, he gave me the pick of the 4 Star Treks sitting there that day I paid him for our 5-machine deal, even letting me swap-in the choicest backglass from another one. 

Yeah big haul for me too: RFM just for a playfield upgrade swap for mine/resale, others were top pins for the bar to be built. You bet they were in great condition and the deal was good, but these like many his finds were off-op used stored and that was because of a problem: eg not working lol.
(just another great scrubbing and tech'ing project: eg condition, condition, condition.

May he Rest In Peace now November 2019
Gilbert Sanchez ... The Wolf Man
..free world now dancing with wolves open roads forever..

Set to easy teardowns & work in my newly build garageshop 2012-13, I started gathering parts for the TZ ETC, ripping into the Star Trek, rebuilding the pistol launcher first, with nice polished ramps, new lock bar, parts setting blanket-tabled on the Breakshot rightside --pecking at the TZ too hoping to get these 2 done first then get the other 2 in here for the same pin-doctor treatments and polishes.


Everything mine out and up to my warehouse. Monumental in more words not needed.
So Star Trek The Next Generation became the last focal point finish from sometime 2013 thru May 2014 before I tore the home shop bench down entirely and my couch by July. Read this MM post and you'll get my drift about my restoration passions and what I put into each of my pinball games. I loved getting so much all back together and firing cannons with all lights flashing and all switches nominal/replaced, new 44s/rubbers and tasty LED upgrades. Yep, flippers rebuilt. The DMD is bright. Clean as a whistle and Novus just about everywhere shiny. MM got the rare-available-then color LCD upgrade so the TZ will have to wait as well, sorry. Life has shifted into the Neutral Zone.
I've been pretty good rejuvenating many pinballs now this one like a Romulan Mephisto! Ramps, plastics, ramps, targets, switches, toys, switches, ramps, wow, complicated games fascinate the engineer, Scotty! Assure me I will see something on the other side of this transporter room.

 2 ∞ (and beyond)
Happy game. Power off. Open coin door, remove coin box and set aside. Unlatch new lock bar and remove, set aside. Slide off clean original tempered glass, set aside. Remove balls, place in coin box. Ensure cabinet is free from any spare parts/pieces, manual/schematics, place anything remaining in coin box. Replace glass. Latch new lock bar. Close coin door, lock. Take keys to back box and remove backglass. Lay DMD assembly forward and remove the back box bolts. Set bolts in coin box. Remove batteries. Replace DMD assembly and back glass, lock. Place keys in coin box. Unlatch and remove latch from back box/cabinet. Place latch/screws in coin box. Place 1/2 foam and/or moving blanket on topglass and lower the head unit down onto the top glass, ensuring the rails are protected when flush true with foam/blanket. Wrap blanket back over the top of the back box. Take large shrink-wrap roll and tie end to plunger, start wrapping the game, pulling tight as you go around each wrap. Pull first to the back of the head unit and wrap a few times around, ensuring coverage for the back access hole and start back around the game, lengthwise tightly sealed with several wraps around from back legs to front, just getting all corners without covering the leg bolts. Leave the bottom back casters exposed for clean floor and the coin door exposed so title/LPF can be seen from top while stored). Lift and place standard sturdy stool (prefer padded) under back of game. Remove back legs. With hip in and knee under, remove the stool and slowly lower 300 pounds down (with your legs not back, hands hugging sides so not smashed) to the ground. Tip game up with front legs. Remove front legs. Gather all 8 leg bolts in end of shrink wrap, place with game label piece of paper, and place in the crook of all 4 legs stacked. Wrap legs tight with their bolts with label visible. Shrink wrap all coin box. (option (like toppers) to nestle the coin box then on the top of the back box, shrinking that tight again top and perhaps the legs too, nestled-in tight under the back box on a side. Shrink wrap is our friend TO USE! Move game (dolly-ready), store game (keep legs and coin box right on top or near). 
Dolly where you want, install front legs and reverse all aforementioned process.
(Sorry I just had to) 

So it went to my climate good warehouse in a corner with the others, May 2014 through August 2016 (set up again and enjoyed once, fixing that *#@ last lower insert bulb too). Then the rent went way up and all games went back into $$ cold storage and free home stashes. I'm a doctor, not a mason, Jim!

Now it's 2020 and there is a plague and I'm (still) working on an AFM and a Catacomb (only room I have shop for in my humble comfy home). This game needs Trekkie affection. It needs a place that I cannot afford now nor will likely be making. It needs a home and someone to play it. So I wrote an advertisement (and just posted the pictures here because it's doppelgänger to my MM post and buyers want pictures anyway). THESE are all the pictures I have. Free here where pinball websites scrimp and inboxes clutter, why not.
Email me ...no wait! Beam me Up!

Live Long and Prosper

For Sale: Star Trek The Next Generation,
1993 Williams #53323307832: $4,900

Excellent condition. Super clean, new rubbers, tasty LED upgrades. Everything works perfectly. No errors and all lights and flashers are nominal. Back glass is perfect. Great example of this game and you will not be disappointed. Includes black Pincab Protectors and Cliffy Neutral Zone Protector. Pickup preferred, 320 lb. game wrapped and ready to load and take coin. Feel free to email me and I will be happy to send you pictures (or just point you to this blog)
Call or text for more information. 


Standing on the mountain looking down on the city
The way I feel is a doggone pity.
Teardrops falling down a mountainside
Many times I've been here
Many times I've cried 
We used to be so happy 
When we were in love 
High on a mountain of love. 

Night after night I've been standing here alone
Weeping my heart out to cold gray dawn
Praying that you're lonely and you'll come here too
Hoping just by chance that I get a glimpse of you 
Trying hard to find you 
Somewhere I love 
High on a mountain of love. 

A mountain of love
A mountain of love
You should be ashamed
We used to be a mountain of love 
But you just changed your name 

Way down below there's a half a million people
Somewhere there's a church with a big tall steeple
Inside a church there's an altar filled with flowers
Wedding bells are ringing and they should have been ours 
That's why I'm so lonely 
My dreams gone above 
High on a mountain of love. 

(Musical interlude)

A mountain of love
A mountain of love
You should be ashamed
We used to be a mountain of love 
But you just changed your name 

Way down below there's a half a million people
Somewhere there's a church with a big tall steeple
Inside a church there's an altar filled with flowers
Wedding bells are ringing that should have been ours 
That's why I'm so lonely 
My dreams gone above 
High on a mountain of love. 
High on a mountain of love.
High on a mountain of love.
High on a mountain of love (fade)

01 September 2016

Another year older and deeper in...

Tundra Towing FeatherHeavy Tons

APR 2010, '05 Tundra Battlezone to MI, new trailer in IA en route

2500 (+1000 upstairs) square foot warehouse space @ $1200/month

May 2011 was a business venture and a way to get all the games out of multiple storage units and start working them. It was grand when we got them all inside and signed the lease. Getting comfy with such collecting accomplishments in one place was inspiring --the 'museum' looked very real. Fire code prohibited any way to open the doors to the public for gaming, but we sure had great pride walking people around the space whence they got a gander inside or they knew. It's impressive to see so many vintage games in one place - now to get them ALL working clean. Start whittling down junk for money to work the hundreds of restoration projects sitting there staring dark. Running around scarfing up good sales and cherry-picking Wolfman's great hauls was easy: have cash, grab game(s), store safe, next, repeat. OK so 100s later the project plate, like the first game needing just a week of good attention, fills up with months of tasking and sorting and storing and moving and fixing ad infinitum. (This is still just a hobby dream remember).

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans..."

You can't trust anybody.
My better half likely woke me up wisely to the low path of company I had newly ventured with.
My venture half bragged my games were his all over the internet and stole stuff while I wasn't watching. He was good for bringing in games and filling in lots of museum gaps, bringing a good technician, but also bringing in the old fodder of strange folks (likely stealing stuff too). What was a purely kind gesture of rehabilitative support on my part became a nightmare of reality. It's simply not possible to help someone out of a hole when they continue to carry the shovel that they dig themselves in with -notwithstanding the obviously uncorrected method of beating up everyone else with it. Boy was I a poor judge of character despite the great dog (and I trusted too fast with blind compassion to an unforeseen record).
So I packed all my games tight for any more thievery and thankfully got him out without altercation.

Soon I was able to help a true old friend run his glass business for a good sublet price. Things seemed workable still despite the added dust - trust in giving keys to responsible people is invaluable. All through this warehouse transition the domestic front caved in and it became a second home to me and my dogs. At least things were safe and intact and I could work somewhere while my entire life shifted out of marriage. Lots of games got worked on during this duress, as keeping my hands busy seemed the only compensation for all the mental anguish swirling around my days.

/// APPL side note here, my stacks of Macintosh computers and parts and leftover truckload of closed business got stuffed into this game warehouse as well (refer to the defunct garage-based home business now divorced move out proximity stress). I had a young genius friend who was keen on whittling down some profit via eBay etc. (like I'd left it in 2007) with all this vintage equipment. So playing with old Macs is not actively parting out and down hundreds of pounds of stuff. Although trusting him with a key to the space and having another friendly body watching over things and having some away place was good.* Nothing seemed to get gone nor any greenback appeared in my pocket. My nostalgia for the System 7 has long vanished and everything hauled around all these years just became a pile of junk to recycle (properly). ////

Colorado becomes a legal Amendment 64 in 2012 -growers and industry start moving in and landlords get wise to all the cashflow. I had a good landlord, they let me continue to frustrate my hobby dream at $1500 a month stipend that somehow I was able to keep paying. Exceeding any income that came out of the place, it became a real problem when they asked for $2500 a month by 2016.
Guffaw! Time to get all this drama gone.

Early July I get the increase notice, going up September 1 to something I refuse to nor can pay (pisses me off the lack of compassion and quick notice - no way he'll move all that I could just hear for that 1K greed). Quid pro quo (as I was restoring his Pachinko game for him too), fellow tenant let me stash the big stuff and sublet only 200' across into his unit (altogether another charade).

I started losing sleep. I got my storage units back at a decent price and just commandeered my -only- good friend to help. Then became a series of every day from July 20 - August 31 of clearing out. Friend tenant loaned a forklift too to get stuff down from the mezzanine that had added that precious livable 1K xtra 'wearhouse' (Computer) Space. Slowly it got hauled out with daily trailer loads/unloads to some semblance of prioritized purpose (the gems, vector Ataris, and desert island games go to free heated family, the best vids have logic together like the pins, the cocktails, sellable EMs and etc., they find their stash unit #).

/// (Several hundred pounds including monitors and stacks of legacy units), Mac kid gets fire sale via inter-webs going and manages it well enough to stress me out thinking fast straws, grabs the cash mostly (s'ok he needed it and got it 'tendered' pro bono, so what), and leaves me with 20% of 'the pile' remaining. So too stash the last remnants of The Missing Byte and eventually donate the bulk of it to a favorite vintage Apple support business. Meh ///

Rock & Roll Music to the World

I had callouses on my callouses when we were done. I equated roughly 25-30 TONS of 'collectible' stuff. I lost the entire month of August, literally; getting enough rest and nourishment to daily work to see it done by August 31. Like the college term papers, I am the King of last minute all-nighter A dissertations --I did not quit. Done, 11pm August 31st. $900 a month now. Sleep (for a month).

I did, sleep that is. Finally when it was stashed dry with a good locks, finally, I could sleep. Tired 50+ bones now and the 'museum' is still safe, growing cobwebs like me in the fast-paced crazy of people who have attentions of gnats (let alone deep game challenges).

(This is still just a hobby dream remember).
And so it goes, a whole collection of vintage 1st-generation arcade games that I can't make viable here. I had museum in mind when things just fell into place for dating myself and doing this. I literally copied Funspot's game list in 2008 and said I would rather build this here in the West than travel to New Hampshire. What's a museum without things? Working so hard to get the things I didn't realize how difficult it would be holding on to it. Wow time flies.

The callouses and back pains, seeing 50, the death of my beloved dog, ending era of marital dreams, good sleep finally alone in my own bachelor house secure, games safe, I took the most of 2017 and played hooky. Finding myself again and keeping near only a Robotron and the yellow relic, I've slowly regained strength. Health is wealth.


*Get away. It was cool, this space. Walking around tons of games then maybe settling in on a good one to while away some free-time was simply outstanding. Hot summer days heat of divorce I cherished the dark cool shop with the AC/DC Back In Black, hammering out frustrations with giddy flippers. The other guys too sought some sanctity-away evenings to preserve some sanity back home -I was always glad to have this place for that cool reprieve; mountain of glorious games, please let me stay here rent cheap until I can open a real working place somewhere! Oz...

06 June 2016

Maddening Payne Medieval Bliss


Back into it. Death is everywhere. I had finally catapulted into the TSPP restoration as my beautiful dog lay dying. It had been a bitter cold winter despite our Broncos' Superbowl victory. Old hips gave way fast to time and suddenly immobility stopped the tail wagging, despite the good barks and daily appetite. Willpower would have nourished his entire survival -true testament that a dog stands like a knight, happily fighting every moment without a care for "only the flesh wounds." They truly all have three legs and a spare. It's all about the madness of living that the game gets played --right 'til the last breath.

"I'm Django the big German Shepherd Dog, who the fWoOfck are you? mWoOF!"
King of Shepherds


The 2015 TSPP resto finally took my new shop's pinball cherry, and the space became comfortable and efficient for good work completed. Just like every game, burn-in testing is the best and I covet the game for days playing it with mad satisfaction when it's finally done. The Simpsons had to go back on location ASAP to earn some more bank for its new rubbers (and relieve the quarter-ops Space Shuttle that was pinch-hitting for it). Time to start working these PBM restorations from the top: queue the Medieval Madness into the new, comfy warm bay. This dude had been open going for -seriously- three years up at my warehouse space. I had tore into it there just as my ex hit me with the papers. Like some bombed castle maddening metaphor, my life started to look the same: all that junk had to come off to see how dirty the field really was, how many broken pieces there are, and how worn out this beautiful game was. Sure enough it was filthy and non-op --need just pay attention to all the details again and things will be right. As usual, clockwise from the left flipper, I had everything torn off back to the 3 pop bumpers. Ramps and pieces were detailed clean as they were removed and the nearby Counterforce PBM became the 'resto-table' for everything to put back whence the big jobs got done. I had to get an entire castle front-piece just to get the swinging door back on this game! Feck! Know what I'm sayin'? Restoration is CLEANING! Start disassembling just to clean it and a) you finally see the stuff that's broken in person and b) you break it cleaning it so must restore it before you continue; a simple formula, sometimes years in the balance before electricity is ever introduced again. Medieval polishing and dirty work --unless you have an intended sword to truly kill it, haste makes definite waste.

Long-open-project awaiting its parts and attention sits original N. location

Right, so it had begun February 2013, hauling back-box pieces back to my home shop/garage, where I was also busy digging mad through a STTNG. C'mon folks, this many vintage games, understand they are all on project phase all the time; I'd (labor to just) get them safely set somewhere to shop them for awhile, always thwarted by parts availability or whatever, ergo jumping around accommodating multiple restorations and as many games as possible simultaneously. Perhaps this is why my ex thought I'd become mad! lolol <wry grin>  METHOD & MADNESS! Listen, get here this far with this crazy many and you'll understand, otherwise stfu and stop asking so many mundane questions before consulting ur gugl. RTfM, K? Which reminds me too, see the picture, I slammed out an RFM playfield resto while I was at it.

O my blissful fresh setup and cool warm shop space gone..

To be clear: in 2013 I had my newly built home shop/garage. Like the 'clergy' influencing the King surreptitiously, the moat gets vastly murkier and the throne usurped by Her Majesty while the Dude honorably fights idiot hoards on his own lands' end. OMGWTFBBQme!

..e'er the other side ye see... WHAT is your name?

WHAT is your quest?

WHAT is your favorite color?

WHAT is the capital of Assyria?

WHAT is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Anyway, the new shop let me tear into the STTNG setting nicely in warm safety (while playing the Embryon and Robotron every night), running to the MM 50 blocks away at the shop with the rest of the collection setting safely (a serious (stupid biz vent) man-cave away and another few nightmare/solace chapters altogether later nevermind). TWO shop spaces --yay! Anyway, as it always seems, life flashes your picture public while your pants are around your ankles. MEH. Shocked awake again, I at least persuaded her that with this much at stake and age, give me the benefit of moving out the STTNG in one piece rather than the few hundred little ones it was now benched. So I proceeded to tear everything I'd just built down and whittle it elsewhere safe, getting this mofo star trek pin flashing sweet clean playing gtfouttadodgeasap (if it's the last damn thing I take out of my beautiful new heated/cooled garage)!

It was the last thing I moved out after playing it like a madman all night when it was finished...

Fire the Cannons!

So is this post about MM, or STTNG?? Eat me, my point is I restored both and more under extreme duress and moved (300lb ea.) around multiple times all while fighting a ferocious killer rabbit! I still have them and both are now 100% restored gorgeous historic pinball machines. Funny how much work I got done, actually, so so many things just fast fixed so they could be accounted for quickly and made safe. HEH, the SQueEkY wheel gets the grease, non? <nudge nudge wink wink> Distressing damsels always detaining and diverting ...DAMNED! (Some other post ...NOT)!

"They took our pinball machines!"

Let's fast forward the troops a couple'o years past all the the bivouac stories and just go to the real battle: getting this rapscallion game to fight back for some fun. :-)

Queue the gathered parts all nicely organized ready, shrubbery in-hand and the cabinet safely set so, let's go! Ni! MY own great new space was now comfy and my grief was now every day ...soothing the worst of my pinball angst I will DO IT AT LAST!

A quick note about that shop bench there, see. That bench was dearly built in 2002 for my brick computer biz in Lakewood. I reinstalled it in my new home garage shop biz 2004, cutting it down perfect fit for that space. It received a building upgrade in 2013 so again got reinstalled sweet new space. Then again after the divorce, down it shuffled stored 'til I got this new garage 2014. Another setup here shown, it's still working hard MDF stacked to the gils with (too many) parts and projects, but the capacitors are in their drawers and the WESD51 has its space and things get done again. BTW, tool #1 in any of my shops is the stereo!

"It's not tragic, you have Merlin's magic!"

So here I am again seriously, all back to the 1 o'clock playfield tear-down. Zounds!

First thing to get this trebuchet wound again, put those new troll door graphics on and replace those two center targets, soldered-in solid with the posh backing foam: BAM! As well, get those restocked SuperBand post rubbers out and make a color choice; (black looks normal nice, purple is cool, but) RED matches the field base: BAM!

This is my first game to really need to repair all pop-bumpers --have to get a new tool. No way to fix these (and I have the 3 new purple skirt replacements) unless I can staple the exposed leads to the underside. Love it, KooL new TooL in hand (a shrubbery), I can pass! Like my Hakko 808, whence in the belt, ya wondere wtf ya been w'out 't!  ID 10 T  Stimpy!
Cannot you cut down the shrubbery with a herring?

PURPLE CAPS worn out filthy with thrashed bodies & mismatched skirts

I **noted something here: the metal ring had eroded holes into the plastic bumper body. It was obvious a razor edge 3x 4x 90˚each of the metal up-N-down was like a grinder --deep internal infestation! As I installed my new metal, I filed down round each 3, all 6 smoothed suspect edges, hoping they will not hack the new plastic housings like the originals. Just an FYI, as it's a LOT of work to get to the three bumpers located under ALL THE RAMP assemblies! Think and plan best you can, Sir Lancelot. I give you pictures for your quest, Tim the Enchanter web-reader, seek and ye shall finde hopefulle. Ye carved in mystic runes..follow, ye men of valor, doubt not your courage or y'er strengthe, behold ...

into it

Note the original ring and the sharp edges that carved these holes in each bumper body

rigid fresh successor and six-side-smoothed-n-ready rings on the ol' bodies

O my yummy! Now I want to play it! Adrenaline finish!

Violet PopBlasts (the website to the game is a long way)

strike the hammer while the iron is hot:  new 26-1200 coil and refreshed bracket/spring/yoke

Nothing works hot on top without a good wire connected underneath! And so it began, using this great new air tool that staples perfectly smooth flush, deep over a tangle of harness wiring. The leads for each bayonet light in the bumper body had to be secured away from each moving mechanism below. These flat wires remained stealthy flush out the underside when stapled tight: I placed shrink on the prepared/tinned wires, getting each pair (all 6) secure for battle.

3 new coils, wired lights, and solid brackets for refreshed bumping!

"There IS a DOORBELL!"

Mmmm ...catapult me into new territory! Nice to have these done, really, as they were the stopping point long ago, knowing I needed to get that tool first and so many multiple parts from many sources. Time.
Time Time ticking ...like sand in a glass, aye!

I had procured a few things for this machine (like the staple gun). One thing I had to get were a few LEDs (for many machines, keeping RGBW standard stock). begin rant/ I'll cite an earlier post I made here about how nuts it is IMO to buy 'kits' for whole LED upgrades. NOT crazy about losing the warm aesthetic of vintage incandescent machines, particularly where simple, bright, lights the already there great colors of the plastics. When I can though for the better, I shoot for an intuitive, homogenous taste catered to each PBM; continuity considered, specific placement for illumination, and keeping with overall game theme. There are far too many options for today's gamer --too much such that EM pins get hacked stupid bling and cool things get garish and sick. Upgrade these tasty pinball games with some reserved taste, pleasekthanks.  /end rant ANYway, I got one of those green flexi-direc-LEDs from cometpinball, yanked an old socket from some ol'thing, and wired it to the playfield GI --now the green moat has really cool green underglow!

OMG I have modded my game ... easy cool green moat

OK so I wanted to mention one more thing here about the green moat. Mine was battered broken and repaired by previous ops with hot glue. Good luck finding any replacement let alone removing it from the game. It made sense to me on this game to epoxy the breaks in place, like this photo here where the ball drops in behind the castle. The old ops glue was still working and I just bolstered it and repaired this critical back corner. Another hairline fracture I secured with a nice piece of tin tape --functions 100% and looks great unnoticed from above. Better to have it working than cracked getting worse irreplaceable thing.

L-restored  < FL-11626 >  R-original

L flipper clockwise rebuilt built back to the now-completed bumpers

This is the most fun, the homestretch after the big jobs are complete and the bulk of new #44s and rubbers are in. I make good habit of cleaning parts on immediate removal. Moving in sections, I stack the polished screws (yes indeed a detail here) and shined plastics aside until I can clean the playfield area and replace the lights. These 90s vintage games can have so many toys and parts I find it extreme (and stupid) to remove everything at once --simply too much to get shuffled wrong or lost. It's easy to just section any pinball field into quadrants, doing only 1 or 2 at a time. This MM is a story of a crazy section of my own castled-kingdom gone mad --I'm surprised I didn't lose something important while it was scattered in boxes moving around.

"Big deal! I have another one just like it down the road!"


OK, so I think I lost myself in ultimate pinball madness for about a solid week. Seriously.

I cannot even begin to express to you the satisfaction of this game and its 100 % 'ness.

I could not get enough of this game, loving pinball; it's legend for reason and you know when it gets you in flipping, er, hurling steel at castles. The theme is it --I think not a better metaphor made for flipping steel pinballs around. Classic in a classic game made classy classless priceless gas.

I feel lucky to have gotten a nice cabinet despite all the operational wear. By the time I have all this playfield done and electricity to it (backbox/DMD already years done), I Novus the entire thing and detail touchup all I can. It really starts when you get it, as all games are about condition, condition, condition. Nonetheless, the side graphics look great, it's just the front of the backbox that needs some new detail: insta-paint-room masking mastery!

Behold the Renaissance of Pinball!

Special Dragon Effects by:     Olaf Prot

Dragon choreographed by:     Horst Prot III

Dragon trained to solder and work complicated WPC95 code by:     Uncle Ernie Wigg

Large dragon on the right hand side of the pinball in the first scene, given a thorough grounding in Latin, French and 'O' Level Geography by:     Bo Benn

Suggestive poses for the dragon suggested by:     Vic Rotter

Wing-care by:    Liv Thatcher

Thank You:     Merle Z. Llama IX