05 August 2011

HUO 2011

Four each other

Room for 6 games actually, my little Victorian home gameroom. No basement in this 1895 ... and I have to have permission from the wife before I can bring something inside and usurp the tables and chairs. Bless her heart .. early 2010 she gave full sanction to the side room for all games - even painted it for me! It’s been a swap-around of many nice games in here, they just were never all working ones. Like her, I tired seeing something project that I couldn’t just play every day. So I’ve decided to keep some specific pins in my sanctuary - the wall fits 4 perfectly. I also can squeeze 2 small videos on the opposite wall. There’s a Zeke’s Peak and a Tempest mini just other side of the RFM and AFM. I love it - looks cool to see happy clean games together.
The Orbitor 1 is just in here. Next to the Firepower - absolute bliss jumping between these 2 games. I could stay playing in here for hours n hours.
There will certainly be lots of good fun with friends. The garage arcade rows were always cool (still have some great games in there always), but this is a place to show off some of the nicer grails. Finally, a real home gameroom with some carpet and clean comfort!

Covet thy games!


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